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c.1928 Houses on a hill

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c.1928 Houses on a hill

c.1928 Houses on a hill

Where: Any ideas? There's a sign where the path splits left and right, but it is too far away to read. And though I don't recognise the location this is

c.1928.But where?

When: This photo comes from the same album as the previous photo I posted [1], which I'd dated to c.1928.

Where: Can you recognise it? I've left the location out of the title so it doesn't give the game away. There are several clues if we look at ...

c.1928 Peak Hotel

Where: The photo was taken from Mount Austin, looking across to the Peak Hotel [1]. It's not easy to get the same view today, as lots of trees have grown here. If you can get a glimpse between the trees, you'll see the Peak Galleria, built on this site.

Who: The photographer is the same person that took last week's photo near Caine Road [2]. They picked a quiet moment to take this week's photo, as I can only see

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