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Tang King Po's Villa, Hong Kong

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Here is one of my architectural drawigs of Hong Kong historial buildings.

North Facade

Donated by Tang's in 1965 and rebuilt into Hong Kong Tang King Po College in 1965.

St. Joseph's College Branch School 聖若瑟書院分校

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St. Joseph's College Branch School 聖若瑟書院分校 /

The predecessor of La Salle College, the mother school of Bruce Lee.

Built in 1917, now Windsor Mansion 29-31 Chatham Road South

Brother Aimar was the man whose vision and courage led to the eventual establishment of La Salle College. In the 20's, the Government encouraged people to buy land around Kowloon Tong and to set up a residential area. The shift of the Portugese Community from Hong Kong Island made the establishment of a Catholic school there imperative..............

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