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Wong Nai Chung Gap, View on Wan Chai, Hong Kong, 1930

Charles Gesner van der Voort had started his career in Rotterdam, at Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC). In 1938, he went to Shanghai for the firm. The Japanese interned him, and most other Dutch nationals, from 1943-45. In camp, he met his wife Nancy and they married after the war. After a leave in The Netherlands, they returned to the Orient, where Charles continued to work for HCHC in Hong Kong.

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Postcard Hong Kong; Happy Valley during a Race Meeting. Hongkong.

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Please enjoy this 1910s photo of the Happy Valley race course. Charles' colleague Frits Kien describes how cleaning department staff won the first prize one year, you can find the story in the original Flickr page.

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Happy Valley

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AC-Studio has a great shot of Happy Valley taken around 1950 I guess. In the foregound is Tung Lin Kok Yuen, a Buddhist nunnery and school built in 1935, and the Jewish cemetery, together with its little chapel. The graveyard was first laid out in 1851 and expanded some 50 years later. All of those are still there. In the distance is Blue Pool Road. The houses lining the far side of the road have long gone; those who know the area will recognise it as the long-empty spot above the bordering granite wall where construction has recently started on a residential development.

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