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Articles tagged "Kennedy Road" | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Articles tagged "Kennedy Road"

When did the east end of Kennedy Road move further along QRE

I have an old Hong Kong map (before 1940) which shows the east end of Kennedy Road joining Queens Road East just next to Wanchai gap Road.

As we know it is now it now joins QRE about a hundred yards further east just below Wah yan College.

When did this move did place and why?


john Murray

A walk through Victoria Barracks

A couple of weeks ago we traced the history of the Admiralty area, and saw how the land between Kennedy Road and Queensway used to be the British army’s Victoria Barracks. This time we’ll take a walk through what used to be the barracks, to see what’s there today. There are also a few questions along the way, that I hope you can help me with.

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