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1940s Wanchai & Admiralty

1940s Wanchai & Admiralty
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1947


The prominent white mansion was the home of the Lee family of Hysan fame; it was redeveloped into Bamboo Grove. You can see what a great position it had before the office blocks started going up

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The previous version of Luk Kwok Hotel is visible at the water front in the middle.  It was built in 1933 (I think).

I think the shape of the Naval Dockyard could also be used to verify the time frame.  The one shown in this photo is already the same as in the 1960-1970's.

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Could this photo have been taken sometime shortly after WW2?

I don't see any sign of the white-hulled HMS Tamar in the harbour, and in front of the Luk Kwok hotel there appear to be a couple of masts of a sunken vessel poking out of the water.

I may be wrong but the open space at the bottom right of Hospital Hill, I think is where the second generation Wanchai Market was located. Any confirmation?

Hi moddsey, pretty sure you're right. you can see the building here, as you previously indicated: http://gwulo.com/node/1188. Also that does look like a sunken ship so post-war makes sense

I think the white triangle we can see in the lower right corner is the roof of the completed 2nd generation market. If you zoom right in you can just see  the walls below the roof.

In front of it, on the opposite side of Wanchai Road is an empty space, looking as though it's in use as a car park. That would be the empty site where the previous market building stood.

A couple of Hedda Morrison's photos look similar:

  • This one also shows masts sticking out of the sea, roughly in front of the Luk Kwok
  • And this one shows the same dark, blocky ship in the harbour in front of the Naval dockyard area. The Morrison photo gives a close-up. It looks like a floating dry-dock, which would have been a good thing to have around while the land-based dry-docks were under repair.

Thank you all. Will amend the date to read 1947.

Hi there, wondering whether you have a picture of the original Luk Kwok Hotel?  Greatly appreciat eyour help.  Many thanks.  Mark.

I think this is the original Luk Kwok Hotel from the 1930s


The path running up the hillside at bottom-left heads up to Bowen Road then on Wanchai Gap. Heading uphill, from right to left, you'd pass by the Hysan Lee family home, the garden and the apartments also owned by the Lee family. Nestled above the greenery was the colonial style family home of Fok To Kai, built in 1914. The house was taken over during the Japanese Occupation. Fok was a well respected government contractor who won the contract to construct the Yaumatei Typhoon Shelter under Governor May. Fok was also a major donor of the Tung Wah Eastern Hospital.