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Lai Chi Kok beach b.

Lai Chi Kok beach b.

Apologies for the dark copy. The photograph was taken to highlight the activities on the beach.  As this and the next few photographs were next to each other in the file, I believe that they must all have been taken at the same time at the Lai Chi Koh beach.  Several matshed bathing pavilions are just discernible at the top right. I have inserted the date as being 1952-01-01, as that was probably the year, but I suspect that with the large number of people enjoying themselves it is much more likely to have been in the Summer or Autumn.  If anyone can suggest a more likely time of the year please let me know and I'll change the dates for all the Lai Chi Kok and other photographs taken along the Castle Peak Road by Malcolm.  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Thank you Andrew for your most recent batch of photos.  This photo captured all the key features the way I saw, the swimming pavalions, beach walkers and swimmers, boats and rowers, these scattered rocks (that skinny boy about my age), and the abandoned mooring.  I think the weather in autumn can still attract swimmers and visitors.  Regards,  Peter 

Hi Peter,

Good memories for you. Perhaps I should change the date for this group of photographs, including those almost certainly taken on the same day in the Castle Peak Bay area, to some time in October, when the weather and sea are usually still warm? Best wishes, Andrew

Hi Andrew, Castle Peak Bay and Lai Chi Kok are quite far apart but it was possible to visit both on the same day especially if your colleague had a car, more time-pressing by bus.

Your other photo shows people at Jordan Road Bus Terminus wearing autumn/winter coats so that was not a swimming day.

This reminds me of my Good Hope School's class picnic in the spring of 1958.  Our class travelled by bus to Castle Peak and spent most of the day in a quiet country side with no houses nearby.  A company of British soldiers arrived and stopped about 50 yards (think it was the unit they used) away from us.  That must have been their pre-determined site for military exercise, and they ignored our presence.  I could see them setting up defensive position, positioning themselves and their guns on the ground, and covering themselves with camouflage from straws.  No shots were fired, no charging or screaming, or we would have run like, well, like an antelope.

Regards,  Peter 

Hi Peter,

That’s a great memory for you to have had all these years. Those young soldiers would probably have been doing their 2 years of National Service, and like me, enjoying an experience far removed from how they would have spent their time if they had been stationed in England.

best wishes, Andrew