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Peak Tram Lower Terminus (2nd generation) [1936-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1936-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Photos that show this place


Wasn't the lower terminus, with the site now occupied by St. John's Building (owned by The Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels, Limited, as is The Peak Tramways Co., Ltd., itself the home of one of the first Park N Shop outlets prior to its A.S. Watson Group days?  I seem to recall a shop there in the 1960s.



After ballet lessons at the Helena May on Friday in the last 60s, I would always go to that Park'n'shop in the basement and hunt for raisin buns.  Mostly sold out.  Then hop on the Peak Tram home to Batman on TV.


I don't know when the Big Clock was added to the building, so I don't know the dates for the photos above.  I randomly picked decades for the before/after clock photos.

The 1930s view(s) of the Lower Peak Tram Station were taken after the buidling and flats were completed in 1936.

The HK Heritage Project site has an unlinkable timeline about the tramway, with four mentions for the lower station:

  • 1889. Garden Road Station opened.
  • 1935. New lower terminus built. St John's Apartments were built to replace Garden Road wooden station as the Peak Tram's lower terminus.
  • 1964. Lower terminus modernised. St. John's Building replaced St. John's Apartments to house the lower terminus.
  • 1983. Lower terminus further enhanced. A new St. John's Building was built to replace the old one.

Wherin the lower Peak Tram Terminus before the St. John's Apartments were built makes an appearance.

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I've split the earlier lower terminus out to its own page:

Mention is made in the China Mail 28 January 1936 of the "official" opening of the new building at the lower terminus. 

first generation tram station can be found here:

if you read two comments above, you will see that a page for the 1st generation already exists.