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Jordan Road ferry pier #2 [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

This was the second pier, on the corner of Man Cheong St. and Man Wui St.

(You can see details of the original pier here).

Photos that show this place


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The #2 pier was for double decker vehicular ferries.  Heavy vehicles are limited to the lower deck where smaller vehicles could use both decks. 

There are also another vehicular ferry service between North Point and Kwun Tong.  I could not recall when was the North Pioint/Kwun Tong line started.  The double decker pier design in the North Point/Kwun Tong line is not exactly the same as the Central/Jordan one. There was also the North Point/Kowloon City vehicular Ferry service.

The piers in North Point. Kowloon City & Kwun Tong still exist today despite they are no longer in use for ferry services.  You might to go and take a look and have some idea of how they were in their prime.

Oh, the vehicule ferry pier are not totally in disuse as it is still being used to ferry LPG vendor trucks and LPG\fuel tankers between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon as these vehicles are banned from using the tunnels.

Also there is a vehicular ferry pier at the Shell LPG Depot in Apleichau, next to South Horizons.

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As far as I could recall there were two more places that once had had a Vehicular Ferry Pier each.  Silvermine Bay was one and the other was Disovery Bay.  That was way before the North Lantau Highway and the Chek Lap Kok Airport was built.

Both location do not offer regular Vehicular Services instead, special arrangements had to be made with the then Yamati Ferry in advance.

The one in Discovery Bay was promarily for goods and home removal, however.

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