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Diana WARREN [1926- ]

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Possibly a granddaughter of of Charles Warren and Hannah Olson. See family tree at: www.thehongkonglegacy.com.

Carl Smith Card

Date of birth 29 December 1926

Baptism St John's Hong Kong

5 March 1927 Diana Dudley Warren

Passenger List Liverpool to Hong Kong 10 November 1928

Cicely B Warren 27

Geoffrey Beale (sic) Warren 3

Diana Dudley Warren aged 17 months

1939 UK Census 26 Church Road Hereford 

Cicely B Warren born 10 February 1901

below Cicely's name and above Geoffrey's is another person possibly Diana Dudley Warren with the comment The record for this person is officially closed.

For individual people, records remain closed for a century after their birth (the 100-year rule), unless it can be proven that they passed away before this milestone. Use the ‘Open This Record’ button if you believe that this person is now deceased

Geoffrey B Warren born 8 June 1925

Passenger List Liverpool to Canada departing 22 September 1948

Cicely Warren 47 UK address Whitehouse Farm Earlswood Warwickshire

Diana  Warren typist

General Nursing Council for England and Wales

Diana Dudley Warren

University College Hospital London 1945 - 1948 Registration 23 July 1948

Residence Year 1949 General Hospital Toronto Canada


Diana Warren is at far right in the middle row.

The closed record mentioned is for Leslie Beal Warren, Diana's father, on account of his service with the SOE in Singapore and thereafter at Mudranagar, India during the Burma Campaign. He died in Meerut in May 1943. I have managed to obtain the record through a Freedom of Information request, but it is rather sparse and cryptic.