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Hong Kong's Cinemas

Cinemas in Hong Kong come and go to keep pace with the ever changing urban landscape, viewer choice and technology. Some operated for decades, while others for a few years or only a few months, some demolished and new one built, some with dozen seats while some have 2,000 seats, some renovated and re-named. Everyone of them generated warm memories to be cherished by their patrons.

This list of retired cinemas is compiled by interested Gwulo readers using the internet as their main source. For more information about a theatre, either click its name in the list, or click its marker on the map.

You are welcome to add another cinema (or theatre) - just remember to give it the tag cinema so that it shows up on the list and map below. As always we welcome readers who want to share their knowledge and memories of the cinemas they have attended.

You can also see a list of all cinemas on a single page.