"The Astra" cinema, RAF Little Sai Wan [1958-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

"The Astra" cinema, RAF Little Sai Wan [1958-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place completed: 
c.1958-07-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

The cinema run for the RAF men stationed here.

Andrew Suddaby notes that it opened in the summer of 1958.

Position of marker is approximate.


Photos that show this place


We've got this ticket for "RAF Litlle Sai Wan Station Cinema" from Bill Watson. It must have been fromĀ 1954 orĀ 1955, the years he was stationed in Hong Kong. So before the purpose-built Astra cinema opened in 1958, some other room must have been used as a cinema.

Ephemera b.
Ephemera b., by Bill Watson