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New on Gwulo: 2021, week 51

Our Christmas began with Gwulo hitting the airwaves, courtesy of an invitation from Annemarie Evans to take part in the extended edition of her Hong Kong Heritage show that was broadcast on Christmas morning. If you listen to the recording, you'll hear Annemarie talking with her guests about ...


After breakfast we turned to our own Christmas tree - time to open a present or two!

For the last few weeks I'd received regular orders to STAY OUT OF MY ROOM while my younger daughter worked on my present. I had no idea what to expect, and got a happy surprise when I unwrapped these:

A Christmas gift for the delivery boy


The cloth bags I use when I deliver books to the Post Office and local bookstores are falling apart, so I am now the proud owner of two new sturdy and personalised canvas bags.

We're still on holiday today - with Boxing Day landing on a Sunday we get Monday off too. I hope you've had a peaceful time over the holidays, and enjoyed some good company.

Now, back to what's new on the Gwulo website...









Fleet House & Harcourt House.jpg
Fleet House & Harcourt House.jpg, by PaulO


Fleet House.jpg
Fleet House.jpg, by PaulO


China Fleet Club Wan Chai corner of Arsenal Street. 1981.jpg
China Fleet Club Wan Chai corner of Arsenal Street. 1981.jpg, by PaulO


SCMP Jan 1965 Chater Road footbridge.jpg
SCMP Jan 1965 Chater Road footbridge.jpg, by PaulO


P&O Building.jpg
P&O Building.jpg, by PaulO


Connaught Centre / Jardine House
Connaught Centre / Jardine House, by PaulO


Union Building.jpg
Union Building.jpg, by PaulO


Union Building
Union Building, by PaulO


Kings Building and Union Building
Kings Building and Union Building, by PaulO


1890s Peak Tram with bridges
1890s Peak Tram with bridges, by eternal1966e


1956 Wanchai streetscene
1956 Wanchai streetscene, by eternal1966e


Imperial Airways passenger-Master R. CLEMO
Imperial Airways passenger-Master R. CLEMO , by IDJ


Circus Elephant unloaded-Mackie's Wharf-North Point
Circus Elephant unloaded-Mackie's Wharf-North Point, by IDJ


Wonderful Hong Kong - 1960 Movie
Wonderful Hong Kong - 1960 Movie, by Vintoz Movie Posters


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