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Wanchai Market (1st Generation) [1858-1936]

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I lived in Hong Kong (Sek Kong Village) 1958 to 1961 as a child.  I Loved the place to bits.  I came back to Hong Kong again in 1969 as a young sailor aboard HMS Naiad a Leander class frigate.  During our stay in Hong Kong I savoured the delights of Wanchai (Suzi Wong) territory.  I believe that the lively Wanchai has now gone all but name.





The "Report of the Director of Public Works, for the year 1904" has this note:

50. (Item 8.) Wanchai Market Extension - This work begun in April 1903, was completed early in the year at a total cost of $4,327.91, giving accommodation for 27 new stalls.

That explains the difference in appearance between the photos dated 1890s and 1910s above.

Regards, David

Thanks David,

I have posted my comment about extension of the market building on the other thread before reading your comment.  It is now clear what happened to the market.