1884 Principle Residents | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1884 Principle Residents

Private Residences of the Principal Government Officials, the leading Merchants, the Consuls, Professional men, and Justices of the Peace.




Family Title Given Unit Building name No. Street District
Bowen Sir George   Government House   and  
Bowen Sir George   Mountain Lodge   and Peak
Sargent C.B. Head-Quarter House      
E. J.       Castle Road  
Adams M.D. W. S.   Forest Lodge 11 Caine Road  
Ando   Taro Japanese Consulate   7 Caine Road  
Anton   J. R.   College Gardens      
Arranjee   F. H.       Hollywood Road  
Ayres   P. B. C.   Dinder 13 Caine Road  
Bain   W. N.         East Point
Baily   H. M.   Mosque Terrace      
Barff   S.   The Hut 13 Castle Road  
Bell-Irving   J.         East Point
Belilios   E. R.   Kingsclere 3 Caine Road  
Beyer   L.     7

Praya Central

Bird   S. G.         Wanchai
Bottomley   C. D.       Wyndham Street and
Bottomley   C. D.   Douglas Castle     and
Bowdler   E.   Fung-Shui   Mount Gough  
Brewer   J. S.       Ice House Lane  
Burdon Bishop     St. Paul's College      
Burnie   E.   Seymour Terrace      
Champeax   G. de     8 Praya Central  
Chater   C. P.       Caine Road  
Ch'an   Kwan-I         East Point
Choy   Chee Mee         East Point
Coughtrie   J. B.   Belmont  

Caine Road

Cox   J. S.         The Peak
Coxon   A. 1 Seymour Terrace      
Crawford Lieut.-Colonel G. A.       Morrison Hill  
Dalrymple   H. L.     12 Caine Road  
Danby   W.   Westbourne Villas   Bonham Road  
Darby   W. H. F.       Ice House Lane  
Davis   H. W.   Belmont 2

Castle Road

Deane Hon. W. M.   Central Police Station   and  
Deane Hon. W. M.   Austin Arms   and Victoria Peak
Dejardin   M.       Arbuthnot Road  
Dempster Capt. T. C.   Central Police Station      
Dickie   Henry         East Point
Doberck Dr. W.   Observatory     Kowloon
Ede   N. J.   Mosque Terrace      
Erdmann   C.       Shelley Street  
Fisher Dr. J. C.       Caine Road  
Fleming   J. M.       Elgin Street  
Forbes   W. H.     6 Caine Road  
Ford   Charles     1&2 Albany Road  
Forrest   William   Glanseskins 14&15 Seymour Road  
Foss   H.   Grosvenor Villas   Caine Road  
Foster   F. E.   Burnside   Robinson Road  
Francis   J. J.   Sunnyside   Bonham Road  
Gomes Dr. A. S.     25 Wyndham Street  
Hartigan Dr. W. McK.       Caine Road  
Hancock   W. St. John H.   Parsee Villa   Robinson Road  
Hassell   J. G. T.     35 Queen's Road Central  
Hobson Col. F. T.   Murray Barracks      
Holmes   H. J.       Tsim Sha Tsoi Kowloon
Ho Kai Dr.         Robinson Road  
Hoppius   H.     5 Queen's Road Central  
Hughes   W. K.   Blue Bungalow   Albany Road  
Jackson   T.   Hongkong and Shanghai Bank     and
Jackson   T.       St. John's Place and
Jennings Rev. W.   West Terrace      
Johnson Hon. F. B.       and East Point
Johnson Hon. F. B.   Innisfallen   and Peak
Johnson   A. B.     2 Morrison Hill  
Judah Mrs.         Caine Road  
Kahn   C.   The Wilderness 18 Caine Road  
Keswick Hon. W.         East Point
Lapraik   John S.       Wyndham Street and
Lapraik   John S.   Douglas Castle     and
Layton   B.       Ice House Street  
Lister   A.   General Post Office      
Lockhart   J. H. Stewart   College Gardens      
Loureiro   J. da S.  Portugese Consulate
7 Chancery Lane  
Lockhead M. D. J. H.   Pechili Terrace   Elgin Street  
Lyall   R.     15 Queen's Road Central  
McEwen   A. P.   Cloudlands   and Peak
McEwen   A. P.     10 Praya Central and
Matson   J. M.       Queen's Road Central  
Mackintosh   E.   Craigellachie 8 Bonham Road  
Marques Dr. L. F.   Government Civil Hospital      
Maarch Hon. W. H.       Caine Road  
McIver   A.       Praya Central  
McKean   E.     4 Queen's Road Central  
Mehta   H. M.     7 Hollywood Road  
Meyer   A. E.       Praya East  
Mody   H. N.   Buxey Lodge   Caine Road  
Moore-Lane Major R. A. M. 2 College Gardens      
Mosby   J. S. U.S. Consulate Blue Buildings 2 Praya East  
Mossop   W. H. R.   Brook Cottage 31 Peel Street  
Musso   C. D. Italian Consulate   236 Praya West  
Martin R. N. henry   Gas Works 236 Praya West  
G. E.       St. John's Place  
O'Malley Hon. E. L.       Morrison Hill  
Phillippo Sir George   Belle Vue   Albany Road  
Price Hon. J. M.   College Gardens      
Poesnecker   L. 2 The Albany      
Raimondi Bishop         Wellington Street  
Remedios   Jose A. dos     5 Chancery Lane  
Remedios   J. H. dos     1 Caine Road  
Romano   A. G.   Duart 13 Arbuthnot Road  
Rozario   M. C. do     8 Stanley Street  
Romano   A. G.   Duart   Arbuthnot Road  
Russell Hon. J.       Queen's Road and
Russell Hon. J.   Austin Arms   and Peak
Ruttunjee   D.     1 Hollywood Road  
Ryrie Hon. P.     41 Queen's Road Central  
Sassoon   E.     1 Ice house Lane  
Sassoon   F. D.     1 Ice house Lane  
Sassoon   M. E.     1 Ice house Lane  
Seth   A. 30 Baxter House   Bonham Road  
Setna   H. C.     7 Hollywood Road  
Siebs   N. A.   The Albany      
Stephens   M. J. D.   Rocklands 1A Robinson Road  
Stewart L.L.D. F     10 Arbuthnot Road  
Stockwell Dr. J.   Mosque Terrace      
Thomsett R.N. H. G.   West Villas   and  
Thomsett R.N. H. G.   Bungalow   and Peak
Thurburn   J.   Chartered Mercantile Bank   Queen's Road  
Travers   A. K.       Ice House Lane  
Tripp   H. J. H.     24 Praya Central  
Vernon   J. Y. V.       Robinson Road  
Wodehouse   H. E.   Magistracy      
Wharry M. D. C. J.   Government Civil Hospital      
Wharry M.D. Arthur   Seymour Terrace   Seymour Road  
Whitehead   T. H.       Queen's Road Central  
Wise   A. G.   Magistracy      
Wotton   W.   Dinder 13 Caine Road  
Wong   Shee Tai         East Point
Woo   Lin Yuen     2 Queen's Road West  
Young Dr. R.   Woodville 7 Arbuthnot Road  
Young   W. S.     3 D'Aguilar Street and
Young   W. S.       Morrison Hill and