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Passenger Lists into HK between 1910 - 1942

I am searching for inward (and outward if possible) passenger lists for ships travelling bwteen HK nd Japan, other Chinese ports and Singapore.

Can anyone direct me to where I might be able to locate these?


You could go through all the Hong Kong newspapers on line for every passenger departure and arrival into and out of Hong Kong, but it will take you forever.  You could do the same exercise with the online Singapore newspapers.

The quickest way would be to take temporary subscription to and as between them, they have both the inward and outbound passenger lists of journeys started in Hong Kong, Japan and other Far East ports to the UK.

You could also try the website, it has some passenger lists of departures from Hong Kong, but they don't start until 1949.

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The UK National Archive also has some hints about using these lists, and sources for lists of people traveling between Hong Kong and other countries apart from the UK:

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