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Stonecutters Island [????- ]

Photos that show this place


Booth writes:

One Sunday, my parents and I were invited to lunch on Stonecutter's island in the western half of Hong Kong harbour. A colleague of my father's, a Mr Newton, lived there with his wife and son, Andrew, whom I liked. Even better was the fact that, near their house, there was a large anti-aircraft gun left over from the war. It was still operable, the gearing well greased. We could rotate it on its base and elevate or lower the barrel. It was the ultimate boys' plaything.

Here, courtesy of the Booth family, are the boys and the gun:

Playing on the Anti-Aircraft Gun at Stonecutters Island

I wonder if it was originally a British or Japanese gun, and when it was finally removed?

Colin Aitchison's gallery has over 200 photos of the island. Most are from the 1990's, but there are also several good views from the 1930's. Thanks to Moddsey for the link.

rather entertaining 20 minute video from 1992: Eye on Stonecutters Island, including historical tour of the island, tunnels, etc

In the early 90s, I seem to recall going to an Indian restaurant on StoneCutters. later this restaurant moved up to the Military Quarters area in Beacon Hill and then Wanchai.

I believe the restaurants name was "Gunga Din"?

Wasn't the restaurant called Shaffi's?

Looks like they're still in business, or at least they were in 2008:

Shaffi's Indian Restaurant is still in business.  I just had my last meal of 2013 there.  They still operate in Yuen Long, but not sure if they have other outlets around town.

Happy New Year.


There are several groups:

  1. Stonecutters Island, JSTS: "... primarily designed to be an online meeting place for UK Royal Naval Service personnel who served at the Joint Services Transmitting Station (JSTS) on Stonecutters Island in Hong Kong between 1973 and 1975. But of course anyone is welcome to join."
  2. Stonecutters Island, BFPO1: "For anyone who ever lived on the most gorgeous army and naval base in the world where the sun always shone."
  3. Stonecutters Island, Hong Kong: "This group is for all those who lived or visited one of the best loved army/navy bases in the world."

Found an album on Flickr "Around Stonecutters, 1965-7"

These are all pictures taken by Capt (previously Lt.) Eddie Russell, his wife Jill and his stepdaughter Pat(ricia) during our stay on Stonecutters Island between April 1965 and August 1967.