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North Point Ferry Pier (West) [1979- ]

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Commercial Press Building 1955

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New Ritz Hotel / Showboat, North Point [????-????]

The New Ritz Hotel was designed by Su Gin Djih who was the architect for a number of buildings in the 1950s and 1960s including the New Ambassador Hotel in TST.



according to 1958 Far Eastern Economic Review address was 893-899 King's Road.

c.1910 North Point

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Here's view of the tram line you don't see any more - green hills to the right, and beach to the left! Can anyone identify any of the (few) landmarks shown to give an exact position?

Also, do you know when the tram line was extended past Causeway Bay, to narrow down the date? The HK Tramways website just says:

1903: The construction of a single-track system began and it ran from Kennedy Town to Causeway Bay. The route was later extended to Shau Kei Wan.

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Kai Yuen Street, Kai Yuen Terrace [????- ]

You may have heard that New World Development has purchased all units of several building blocks on Kai Yuen Upper & Lower Lane, up on a hill well tucked in from the hustle and bustle of North Point, behind Tsat Tze Mui Road intersecting with Tin Chiu Street.  

North Point Vehicular Ferry Pier [1964- ]

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c.1964-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

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This was a twin pier which allow two double deckers to load or unload at the same time.

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