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Hop Yat Church [1926- ]

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Howard Wilson writes:

Hop Yat Church is one of my favourite Hong Kong buildings.  And there is a family connection - my wife's grandfather (James Choy Hing) was a leader in the congregation and a major financial donor towards building the Church in 1920s.  Of course, while on a  recent holiday from Australia in August, we paid a visit to the Church at No. 2 Bonham Road.
Construction was completed in  October 1926, and worship commenced.  In 1929, the Church published an 87 page "Story of the Hop Yat Church" booklet:  {  Zhonghua Jidu jiao hui he yi tang jian zhu zheng xin  中華基督教會合一堂建築徵信  }.   You may find some of the illustrations interesting, and helpful for solving modern-day questions.  See attached  selection of pics ...

- Image (d) seems to show the Church still under construction  (bamboo scaffolding)

Hop Yat Church under construction, 1926 (see bamboo scaffolding)

- My guess is that the "wall" (& stone stairs) was constructed as part of the Church building project.  There wasn't much else in the neighbourhood in 1926 !!!!

Hop Yat Church

- Image (h) with portraits of Church leaders, shows "grandpa": James Choy Hing - at extreme left in middle row.

Leaders in the Congregation of Hop Yat Church


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Howard Wilson, if you have a copy of this booklet, would you be able to email it to me please? I have been told that my great-great grandfather had links to the church, but have not been able to find any information as yet.

I’m in Hong Kong now and will be visiting the  Church of Christ in China headquarters during the next week let me know I can I can ask them for you 


Really amazing that you have kept such good photographs of Hop Yat Church.

However, just one thing that I cannot understand, why Hop Yat Church is under your tag of Union Church.  Hop Yat Church is one of the churches of the Church of Christ in China ("CCC"), and the history of CCC (in English) can be found in http://www.hkcccc.org/Eng/1main.php.

In any event, I believe that I have to spend more time to read the contents of your website that contains so many photographs of old Hong Kong.  Probably, your books may have even more for me to learn as well.


See the Union Church page. 

I have found a Chinese book named History of To Tsai Church at home. The cover of the book used a sketch of Union Church drawn in 1852. The book has explained the relation of Union Church and Hop Yat Church in the past.

Could you post the book cover here ?

I have tried the upload, and I am not sure whether my upload was successful.

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Mr. Jan Con-Sang

(1) JanConSang_aka_ChasJanWann_Prescott,Arizona | Facebook

Juliana Cheng

California, U.S.A.

See Facebook Group: JanConSang_aka_ChasJanWann_Prescott_Arizona

for more findings on Mr. Jan ConSang, once a documented Chinese laborer named: Chas Jan Wan. Converted in 1896 by a Mr. Otis from Oberline, Ohio, memeber of Prescott's First Congregational Church. Chas Jan Wann(Jan Con Sang-work to stay alive) became rich and famous after 27 back from the U.S.A., revisited Prescott in 1927 to thanks those whites who converted him to Christianity from being a gambler and possibly miner if not a washer. ( to be continued...) 

Zhonghua Jidu jiao hui he yi tang jian zhu zheng xin  中華基督教會合一堂建築徵信 Should read in Cantonese as "Chung Wa Gay Dook Couch Wou Hop Yat Tong Kien Chook Jing Shun. " A letter "pleeing" for support in building the Hop Yat Tong(Church). Hop Yat means Unit as ONE. Tong=Hall, a huge room for congregation/gathering.  Chung Wa Gay Dook Couch Wou= Church of Christ in China.

In very tiny print on the very top of the photo(Carved in stone images of the founders or the board to fund raise....it said 1921, NOT 1929.  I think it was in 1929 that the dedications happened at the site to build the Church after Mr. Jan returned from the fund raising trip. Traveling all over the United States and Canada. According to some newspaper clippings through newspapers.com....which I had already lost track of.......

So much for now. See Facebook Group which Juliana Cheng created in 2007 titled: JanCon Sang_aka_ChasJanWann_Prescott_Arizona.

email or post here to let me know that you don't have access to my Facebook Group on Mr. Jan, my paternal great grandfather. Was in the United States as a Chinese Laborer since 14 years of age in 1874 or so till he returned to China in 1902 with a 1894 U.S. Certificate of Residence.