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Photos tagged "postcard"

1870: Postcard Hong Kong; Chinese Barber in the Street; No. 644 Itinerant Barbers.

1882: Hong Kong postcard 1882


1898: Medical Staff Quarters on High Street

1900: c.1900 Repulse Bay

1905: Mount Austin Hotel with message to printer as the caption

1906: Hongkong - View of the Peak Tramway 1906

1906: 汉口号蒸汽客轮 P. S. Hankow Paddle Steamer, Hong Kong 1906

1908: Peak Tram Hong Kong. Postcard purchased 1908.jpg

1910: 山顶轻轨 Peak Tram 1910's

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Stone steps of Pottinger Street; Chinese Junk carrying cargo near Kowloon, Hongkong.

1910: 1910s View of The Peak

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Mahomedam Mosque of Kowloon

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Chinese Wedding Procession. Hongkong

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Hongkong. Residences about Midway between the Peak and the City.

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Greetings from Hongkong Chinese Fortune Teller

1910: Postcards Hong Kong wrapper postcards by M. Sternberg

1910: Postcard Hong Kong; Happy Valley during a Race Meeting. Hongkong.

1910: c.1910 North Point

1911: Peak Tram, upper terminus

1917: Back of image DA008

1922: Back of photo

1924: Hongkong - A portable groceteria

1924: Hongkong - Cigarettes - Perched for sale

1924: Hongkong - The Lichee Hawker

1930: Postcard Chinese Wedding Procession, 1930s

1934: Hong Kong Volunteer Air Army 1930's

1935: Postcard Hong Kong - The Peak, H.K. sent 20 Jan 1936, "The Mount" and "Modreenagh" buildings

1947: Postcard Hong Kong: Views from the Peak, ca. 1947

1948: Back of postcard

1950: Postcard Hong Kong: Pottinger Street, ca. 1947

1951: Postcard Hong Kong: view from Peak mid levels, ca. 1951

1979: Tai Po Market Station (Kowloon Canton Railway)

1980: Lo Wu Border Crossing Hong Kong 1980

1990: Regal Airport Hotel (Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport) postcard

1990: Regal Airport Hotel (Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport) postcard


: Peak Tram, lower terminus

: Queen's Road Central
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