Arthur Augustus REED [1908-1941] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Arthur Augustus REED [1908-1941]

Arthur Augustus
Birthplace (town, state): 
Hong Kong
Cause of death: 
Died in Battle at Jardine's Lookout

Arthur Augustus was the fourth son of Amaro John and Maria Rita Reed.  He attended Hong Kong University where he studied Engineering. He was in his last year when Ricci Hall opened, and he stayed till his graduation.  Arthur was Secretary of the Ricci Hall Students' Association and an active footballer. He joined China Light & Power Company after graduating as an engineer, and was an energetic worker in the St. Vincent de Paul Society.  Arthur married Marie Diniz on May 17, 1938 at Church of Christ the King in Shanghai, where Marie was from. They had one daughter, Mary Rita.  Arthur was a member of the Hong Kong Volunteers and lost his life alongside his older brother Edgar defending Hong Kong at Jardine's Lookout.  Their names are both included on a war memorial in Sai Wan.



Carl Smith Card 135595 refers to the widow of Arthur Augustus Reed 22 November 1946 She was Marie Francesca Reed 0f 244 Nathan Road           

I'm not sure what the November 22, 1946 date in the Carl Smith card refers to.  Maria de Lourdes Francisca Diniz was born in Shanghai on February 14, 1910.  Her parents were Antonio Maria Diniz and Sarah Maria Guterres Diniz of Shanghai.  

Marie, as she was called, visited relatives in Hong Kong on several occasions and met Arthur on one of these visits.  Their wedding on May 17, 1938 was held at Church of Christ the King in Shanghai, and officiated by her relative, Rev. Father Francis Xavier Diniz.  The couple resided in Hong Kong after the marriage and had a daughter, Mary, the following year.  Arthur lost his life on December 19, 1941, fighting in the war, leaving behind his widow Marie and their young daughter Mary.

After the war, Marie and her daughter Mary resided with my parents and I at the Nathan Road flat before departing for Toronto, Canada in 1952 to be near Marie's brother and sister and their familes who moved there the prior year.  Sometime in 1971, Marie made a visit back to Hong Kong and also visited the da Silva family in Victoria, British Columbia. She passed away in Toronto, Canada on February 2, 2000.  Mary and her husband Bob Engesser reside in Toronto and have two married daughters and grandchildren.